5 Things to Know about Inner Strength Fitness

5 Things to Know about Inner Strength Fitness

Hi there! If you're someone who's interested in getting stronger, feeling better, improving your balance, and doing all that with a program that's personalized to you, the age 50+ individual, then you're at the right place! 

Here's 5 things to know about Inner Strength Fitness: 


  1. We are age 50+ Fitness Specialists. Our staff has more extensive training via the Functional Aging Institute that helps us best know how to help you achieve your goals in ways that are better for you than those sub 40 or 50 in age! 
  2. We are a private studio-not a gym. All our clients have weekly appointments with us to hold them accountable and book them into our schedule that works with their work and lives.
  3. Every workout you do here has professional guidance and oversight. This is not a big class or a bunch of machines. You will get professional expertise to progress, regress, and guide you every step of the way.
  4. We primarily focus on Functional fitness and strength training that not only helps you gain strength, balance, and aid you in fat loss goals, but makes everyday life more fun and easier!
  5. We will call you a day or two prior to your initial consultation with us for just a 5-10 minute review with you to ensure that you coming in for a free consultation makes sense for you and that our services are a good match for you. Please book your initial consultation with us HERE: 


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